Associação de Proprietários na Praia D'El Rey

Association of owners at Praia D'El Rey

About US

The Praia D'El Rey Owners Association is legally constituted not-for-profit organization.
Membership of the Association is limited to property owners at Praia D'El Rey.

Our Mission

Protecting Your Investment

Protect owner's investment in property by working in conjunction with the commercial concerns at PDR and local councils to ensure  PDR is maintained to a high quality standard with a good level of security 

Strong Voice

In all key decisions affecting the development of the resort. Ensure that our members have a strong voice in key decisions and initiatives concerned with how PDR is run and developed over the coming years .

Developing Community Spirit

Promote a healthy community spirit by organising social events and activities.


Secure where possible benefits for members in the form of preferred terms and discounts with local suppliers.

Why you should join

Our main aims for this website are
  • To enable the Association to communicate efficiently with you. (Also supported by messages posted on our Facebook page).
  • To provide useful information about Praia D’El Rey and local suppliers.
  • To enable you to communicate with each other using the multiple functionalities available in the platform like the Chat and the existing comment feed on various topics of interest.

The website/app is for all owners at Praia D’El Rey.  You don’t have to be a member of the Association to gain access but it would help us if you were, and there would also be benefits to you as a member.  Please click here for more details on how you can join.

This new website replace the previous one launched in August 2016. We have recently made changes to the structure and content in line with your feedback and believe improvements like these should be a continual process. So please take the time to look around the site at the information held and let us know what you think by emailing the hosts.  

Association Committee

Chairman: Ondrej Novodvorsky [email protected]
Secretary: Brian Goggin [email protected]
Finance: Simon Pilkington [email protected]
Community Programme: Rune Lundberg [email protected] Jesús Lopez [email protected]
Relationships: Steve Netherton [email protected]
Social: Tim Jones [email protected]
Representatives Liaison: Brian Goggin [email protected]
General Members: Cecília Martinho [email protected] Portuguese Communication

Nuno Guerra [email protected] Website & Audit board

IT/Comms/Admin: Jackie Jones; John Carmichael

For inquiries about the resort and about how to join the association:

[email protected] 

 You can also seek assistance of our partner Neighbour Service:(+351 262 905 150)

Emergency Contacts

  • Police, Fire, Ambulance: 112
  • PDR Security (inc. Defibrillator): +351 933 000 131 (Cops)
  • Hospital Peniche: +351 262 780 900
  • Hospital Caldas da Rainha: +351 262 837 100

Other useful numbers

  • Home Visit from Doctor:
    Dr. Torres +351 968 300 332

    Clinimed [email protected]
    Dr. Rose Marie Barbosa +351 262 950 641 or 933 600 699
    Dr. Raquel Monteiro +351 262 950 641 or 933 600 699 
  • 24h Open Vet Hospital +351 262 824 057
    email: [email protected]
    Address: R. Cap. José Ferreira Mendes Nazareth 5 e 5A, 2500-281 Caldas da Rainha
  • Neighbour Services: +351 262 905 100
  • Camara Municipal de Obidos: +351 262 955 500
  • Junta de Freguesia de Amoreira: +351 262 969 334
  • Service of Water & Sanitation/Serviço de Água e Saneamento Municipio de Obidos: +351 262 955 505
  • PDR Piped Gas/Gás Canalizado - Galp 707 502 002 Emergency: 808 508 112
  • PDR Electricity - EDP: 808 53 53 53

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Privacy Policy - APPDR (EN)